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Welcome! We're excited you've found us!

We're thrilled you've found Thinkright Achieve More, the most exciting and unique Personal Wellness & Social Adventure Programme available in Australia.

Our mission is to help you achieve your full potential and to live the life you've always dreamed of living.

Perhaps you'd like to build an amazing career, building more positive and supportive relationships or get started on the pathway to optimum health. Maybe you'd like to experience a calmer, more balanced way of living, really making the most of your time on the planet. You might simply want to add a huge splash of oomph! to your social life and you'll certainly achieve that through our Achieve More! Adventures programme.

Why not join us for our next Thinkright for Life! Workshop?  Go to our ACHIEVE MORE! Adventures events calendar for October and download all of the information - this course will change your life.  No bull!

Here's a few words of praise from previous workshop attendees:

"This workshop was fantastic!  It gave me the trigger and the lift I needed to think through and resolve some challenges that were holding me back.  Thank you.  I'll recommend this workshop to all of my work colleagues, my friends and family."  Agnes McConachie, Ormiston

I loved your energy, Lorraine.  I've attended many personal development seminars over the years yours impacted me more than I can tell you.  The way you deliver the content is unique and powerful.  I've learned strategies and techniques that were completely new and I feel I'll use these for the rest of my life.  Brilliant!"  Stephen Henley, Queensland Health

"Thank you, thank you!  Great workshop.  It's given me confidence and really filled in the blanks for me as to why we keep repeating the same old issues in life.  I'm moving into a whole new chapter in my life because of these incredible tools you've given me, Lorraine.  I can't thank you enough.  I had a fantastic time during the course, you're very funny and that made the whole thing so easy to remember.  I haven't had so much fun at a work-based workshop in my life."   Janet Blakey, Queensland Health

"I really enjoyed this.  Thinkright for Life really does deliver what it says it will.  Lorraine's a brilliant facilitator - full of energy and really down to earth with real content, real tools and real life strategies to improve your thinking, your action and ultimately your life.  I'd do it again just because of the entertainment value.  It was brilliant.  See you at Group Coaching!"  Susan Charlewood, Clayfield

Thanks so much for the praise - we never tire of hearing how our workshops benefit.  

For people new to Thinkright Achieve More, we're here to help turn your big dreams into reality.

Our deepest hope is that you'll allow us to help you achieve more in your life and we very much look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Helen Keller said - Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.  We completely agree!  Life is an adventure and it's up to us as individuals to make the most of it.

Stick around, explore our website, soak up our off the wall excitement for life, download our free resources and have an absolute ball planning what you'd like to have, be and do - and then (if you think we meet the brief!) give us a call or simply join ACHIEVE MORE! Adventures and let's get this adventure started!

Claim your gift of 6 months' free membership to ACHIEVE MORE! Adventures

For the month of October 2013, we're gifting 6 months free membership (valued at $55) to allow you to try us on for size.  

To receive your free membership, go to to our joining page, select the 6 month option, complete your details and insert promo code tram06​ and that's it - you're now a member of the best, most unique personal development and social group in Australia!

Looking forward to seeing you on an adventure!

With love and respect,
The Achieve More Team

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